Installation Guide

Important Installation Requirements:

1. Handle the tiles with care. Avoid scraping or damaging the protective backing on the tiles with tools and/or handling.

Do not use the tile if the protective backing is damaged or compromised. Do not use any setting compounds such as mastics or epoxies that contain petroleum distillates. Do not dilute admixtures with water.

2. Do not use the following substrates: Single float mortar bed walls without a cured scratch coat, wood products (i.e. plywood, MDF, pressboard and composites) and chicken wire/metal lathe.

3. We recommend the use of latex modified thin-set or a 100% solids epoxy thin-set and epoxy grout system. There is a list of recommended products below. Do not dilute admixtures with water. An acrylic add mix such as Acryl 60 must be used in play of water.

4. The tiles require 100% back coverage to prevent water from obtaining access to the tile back and to prevent the corrosive effects of cement out-gassing and mildew buildup.

5. Using a notched trowel, trowel on an even 1/8" coating on the tile back then trowel the area to be installed with the same mixture. Affix the tiles with sufficient pressure to ensure full adhesion. The tiles will form a tight bond to the wall and not be subjected to the problems associated with inadequate coverage.

6. Cure for a minimum of 48 hours prior to cleaning and grouting. All grout must be sealed to ensure complete protection of the tiles.

7. Tohickon Glass Tile, when mounted in wet locations must be resealed annually.  Failure to do so will void warranty.  

The Following setting materials have been tested and are recommended:

Recommended setting material for dry installations:

  • Laticrete 254 Platinum Multipurpose Thin-Set Mortar
  • Laticrete 333 Super Flexible Additive Mixed with Laticrete 317 Floor N' Wall Thin-Set Mortar
  • Mapei Granirapid Ker 129 or Ker 130 dry set mortar mixed with Ker 318 Liquid flexible latex additive
  • Tec Full Set Plus Premium Thin Set Mortar with Xtra-Flex mortar additive
  • Bostik Findley Hydroment ReFlex Ultra Premium Latex-Modifies Thin-Set Mortar
  • Tile-Mate Thin-Set with 447 Flex-A-Lastic admixture

Recommended setting material for wet installations:

  • Laticrete Latapoxy 300 Epoxy Adhesive with Laticrete Epoxy grout system.

**** All Materials should be used in accordance with manufacturer's directions or warranty is void.

Cutting Glass Tiles:

1. The easiest, fastest and best way to cut our glass tiles is with a simple glass scoring tool and a straight edge. Remember that all cut edges on our tiles need to be embedded completely with the setting material.

2. To cut the tile, simply score the glass lightly on the front or unpainted side of the tile along the desired cut line and then snap it along the same line.

3. to snap the tile, place the tip of a tapered hardwood dowel, similar to the size of a pencil, directly under the edge of the score line and place even pressure on both sides.

4. Carbide wheel glass scoring tools are available at nearly all hardware stores. A very useful and important tool for all glass tile installations is a pair of glass run pliers.  Using the glass run pliers allows the installer to easily cut and trim our glass tiles. Cuts as thin as 3/8" or smaller are possible.

5. Tohickon Glass Tiles can also be cut with a wet saw. If using a wet saw, be sure to use  glass compatible diamond blade in good condition. A blade for cutting glass has smaller diamonds than a normal tile blade and it also has a continuous rim. Most blades designed for ceramic tiles are coarse and will chip the glass. It is very important to have adequate water flow and to cut slowly when using a wet saw. it is best to practice making a few cuts with regular 1/4" window glass before proceeding to cut the tiles. A lapidary blade will also make a very clean cut on glass.

6. the tiles must be cut with the tile front down when cutting them with a wet saw. This will prevent the chipping of the colored areas of tiles. Also, a piece of electrical tape, masking tape or duct tape laid along the line of the cur on the tile face will greatly reduce chipping along the edge. A light piece of cardboard or building paper on the saw bed will protect the surface of the glass from scratches.

7. The edges of the cut tiles can be chamfered with a diamond had pad.

8. All of the edges must be sealed completely with an epoxy grout system to ensure complete protection of the tiles.

Cleaning Instructions:

Tohickon Glass Tiles can be routinely cleaned with any non-abrasive cleaning compound or formula that is recommended for both glass and tile. Follow rinsing instruction carefully.